Turn your data into insights and make great decisions for your business

Turn your data into insights and make great decisions for your business

Turn your data into insights and make great decisions for your businessTurn your data into insights and make great decisions for your business

Let us help you bring your data to life

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Bring Your Data to Life

We can help you build a fully interactive visual display of the most important information you need to manage your business, consolidated on a single screen, that can be accessed across any device.


Demo - London Fire Brigade Incidents

Interact with the London Fire Brigade Incident data from 2018. An incredible number of incidents and false alarms! with details about locations attended as well as average response times.. Hugely impressive


Demo - England & Wales House Price History

Interact with the England & Wales house price history and gain insights into month on month sales and prices at National level. Then drill to Region, Town and even as low as Post Code!

About Us

Power BI Experience



Specialists in building fully interactive data models and reports in Microsoft's Power BI.

This powerful BI tool has the capability to connect to virtually any data source.  High compression and in-memory design means you get lighting fast performance in your reports.  Visualisation capabilities are outstanding and on top of that, Power BI is complete with inbuilt Natural language Q&A, A.I. and Alert features too!

Power BI expertise

Power BI Expertise


We have built hundreds of Power BI Reports and Dashboards over the years and we always develop using industry leading best practices.

Whether you want Real-time, Intra-day or periodic refreshed data, through a single pane of glass, is up to you!   

We transform your data into a compelling interactive visual story that will help you make great decisions for your business.

Power BI Collaboration


 We will build your Power BI  solution together. It's important that you get the features and BI capabilities that you want.  Once we have determined your objectives, we will outline a clear plan to deliver exactly what you want in the timescales that suit you.

Power BI Training

Power BI Training

 If you have a team in-house already and want to build their skills around the Power BI Suite, then let us help them learn how to fully  leverage your data, create data models, design beautiful and impactful reports and dashboard visualisations. 

Power BI Documentation


 Proper data documentation describes the characteristics of a Dataset, Report or Dashboard. We will always create high quality documentation so that you know exactly how your reports connect to source data, transforms that data and creates the measure calculations.