Data Policy / Data Governance

Data Policy & Governance

We can help you develop a fit-for-purpose data policy and data governance structure

The purpose of a data policy is to set the right standards and put the right controls in place to enable your business to manage its data and meet its regulatory, compliance and privacy obligations.

The aim of your policy should provide a detailed understanding of the data related responsibilities at all levels of your business that access data.

We will help you define a policy that sets out the minimum standards, principles and controls across key data domains including Data Governance, Data Management, Data Quality, Data Assets, Data Usage, Data Disclosure, Data Access and Data Security.

Data Governance is a collection of practices and processes which help to ensure the formal management of data assets within a business. 

Data Governance often includes other concepts such as Data Stewardship, Data Quality, and others to help a business gain better control over its data assets, including methods, technologies, and behaviours around the proper management of data. It also deals with security, privacy, integrity, usability, integration, compliance, availability, roles and responsibilities, and overall management of the internal and external data flows within a business.

We will help you build the right Data Governance structure, identify and set the right minimum standards, create a mechanism to drive data quality for your business through clear data ownership and data stewardship.

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