The Microsoft PowerApps application can transform time consuming processes into slick and robust solutions.

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**Look at the Time-sheet solution we built using PowerApps, Azure SQL and Power BI**

TIme Sheet PowerApp


Simple Menu Interface

A simple menu interface for Project Managers to create and update projects, including start dates and end dates etc. and a section for people to log their time.. Can't get simpler than this!


Project Manager Menu

Create and update project details in the dedicated Projects section


Time sheet logging

Get your colleagues to log their daily hours against the projects they are working on.

Power BI solution to track the detail


Project Plan & Hours Worked

A clear and visual representation of the project timelines you are working on and the hours logged on each project.

This of course can be converted into a monetary value.


Hours Worked Analysis

Get the detail of all colleagues and all hours worked across any of your projects

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