Data Through a Single Pane of Glass

 More and more businesses are turning to dashboards to quickly understand and analyse their data. After all, the ability to transform your data into a dashboard that clearly identifies issues and opportunities requiring attention or action are invaluable to any company seeking to improve themselves.

We Can help

We will build you a fully interactive visual display of the most important information you need to manage your business, consolidated on a single screen, that can be accessed across any device.

Our Approach

Power Query

Connect & Transform

Power Query is the Microsoft Data Connectivity and Data Preparation technology  built into Power BI Desktop that enables business users to seamlessly access data stored in hundreds of data sources and reshape it to fit their needs, with an easy to use, engaging and no-code user experience

Using Power Query is the first step in our process to connect to your raw data to Shape, Clean and Transform it before loading it into the Data Model.

Power BI Data Model


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After Connecting, Shaping, Cleaning and loading your data it's time to build your Data Model 

It's important to learn how to leverage data modelling design principles. Principles such as data vs. lookup tables, star vs. snowflake schema's, and writing optimised DAX measures to create advanced metrics and insights

All these principles work together to turn your data into something more powerful than raw data. 

Power BI Visualisation


 The final step is to BRING YOUR DATA TO LIFE by building your Reports and Dashboards.

It's vitally important to spend time selecting the right selection of visualisations as well as the design of the report itself.  A report is only as good as its data model, and a data model is only as good as its data

Learn about the science behind visual cues, chart types, and colour principles. All of these, plus many other design techniques help deliver reports that are intuitive and easy to use.